Values and Mission

The Mays Family Foundation is committed to supporting the communities in which we live, work and serve through causes that aid, empower, enrich and educate.

Our Values & Mission

Working together and as a family, we've come together to adopt a mission statement, like the creed our patriarch, Lowry Mays, wrote over 30 years ago when he founded Clear Channel Communications. This embodies the values which Peggy and Lowry Mays have lived by and give to their children and grandchildren to guide and direct the Mays family for generations to come.

We believe our shared values are the essence of our Family identity; our values are our most precious legacy. As a family we:

  • Begin and end with our faith in God;
  • Recognize the importance of family, accept responsibility for one another and pledge to do our best to help one another lead a purposeful and productive life;
  • Commit to education, appreciating "education is the key to success";
  • Endeavor to be good stewards of our family legacy, with respect to both our values and our financial resources;
  • Embrace a commitment to our community;
  • Are mindful of our civic duties and support those who are active in civic affairs.